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Web Video Productions

The Need for Video

Technology has changed the way consumers interact with businesses. The growth of connected devices and the continued evolution of the Internet dictate that business of all sizes need to be found online whenever and wherever their customers are – VIDEO 'will' help.

Limitations of traditional video production
Traditional video development processes were designed for large-scale productions, not for creating short, compelling web videos. As a result, professional video production has always been complex, expensive and out of reach.  NOT ANY MORE!!!

Did you know?

  • Video now accounts for 51% of all internet traffic and will hit 90% by 2015.
  • Facebook's recent overhaul to Timeline emphasizes the visual, in particular the ability to highlight Video within Timeline creates greater interest and higher engagement rates!
  • The YouTube Effect… YouTube is now serving 4 Billion Online Videos every day! and, 800 Million people all over the world visit YouTube every month!
  • Business Spending in the US alone was $2.16 Billion in 2011 and will triple to $7.11 Billion by 2015. You need an edge to be part of it.
  • Of ALL users watching Video Online… 65% men 57% women…Ages 18-29 78%, 30-49 66%, and 50+ 45% (with the older generation viewing more and more every month!) Income less than $5ok 53%, $50-$75k, 65% Over $75K 71%

Why Video Works

Video enables Search and discovery ‘Quickly’…624 Million Searches Daily in the US…

Video is 53x more likely to appear in a front page Google result!… Videos have a 41% higher CTR (Click Thru rate than Plain Text.
Visitors who watch Online product Videos are 855 more likely to BUY than visitors who do not. 52% say it makes them feel more confident in buying a Product…they are 144% More Likely to Add toCart tahn other Shoppers!

Video should be part of your overall Marketing Plan, an engagement tactic to support your goals. BUT, producing great Video is not enough – you have to USE it! Identify your goals – whether it be raising awareness or driving Business – and establish your Success Metrics!

Who’s your Target Market and what is your Budget? Once you’ve answered those questions, find a local Video production Company who can bring your vision to life – with proper Shooting, Editing, and production Values! Think about highlighting satisfied Customers (testimonials) or your unique Service.

Put your social hat on and start SHARING! where do your customers hang out? Find them and spread the word. Think YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc…



North American Coverage
We have a growing Network of 22 Production Hubs that services Clients anywhere in Canada and the U.S.

So… if you have Branch Offices or Multi-Locations it is No Problem!

30/60/90-Second Videos
Our Videos deliver quick snapshots, detailed profiles or in depth interviews at any volume. Standardized online processes deliver compelling videos every time.

Professional Video content to meet any of your requirements. Any length, any location, any style, for any screen – TV, Web, Mobile – anything is possible with the Our  Video Platform.

Award-winning Producers and Videographers are available to develop high-end Commercials. From professionally scripted, cast and directed television commercials to mini-documentary style branded content.


Engage and educate. Profiles introduce personality and give a face to your Company, Product, Service or Message.

Engage and build trust. Video Testimonials establish credibility throughout a sales cycle using Customer or Supplier interviews.

Drive traffic and solicit business. Using a Professional Script and Voiceover, Ads direct viewers to take a specific action – and as research shows – make them more likely to feel confident, Add to Cart, and BUY!

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