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Why use a Professional SEM Agency

Embarking on a PPC marketing campaign without the right knowledge and experience can be an extremely expensive and time-consuming exercise, with very little return.

Due to the complex ‘quality score’ algorithms used by the search networks, running a successful PPC campaign has become just as complicated as SEO, if not even more complicated.

I’m sure you agree; there’s nothing worse than looking at your competitors on the sponsored search results, for all those crucial keywords, and wondering how they can afford to be in those top positions! What are they doing differently? How are they able to exploit the huge revenue opportunities presented by PPC marketing?

Well, they are probably:

  • Producing portfolios of search terms that include thousands of keywords as opposed to hundreds
  • Not fighting for the #1 spot for every keyword regardless of their return on investment (ROI)
  • Not just bidding using broad match types
  • Using all network innovations such as product extensions, star ratings, sitelinks etc…
  • Using geo-targeting where applicable
  • Using numerous tightly relevant ad groups
  • Ensuring that the seed keyword in each ad group is contained in the ad copy
  • Ensuring that the ad copy is included in the copy on destination landing page
  • Using creative and attractive ad copy with a call-to-action
  • Using seasonal ad copies (when applicable)
  • Testing ad copy performance according to conversion not just CTR
  • Excluding search network partners delivering fraudulent or irrelevant traffic
  • Proficiently using all the new optimization features within the display networks
  • Monitoring and Controlling affiliate paid search activity
  • Separating Search, Display and Mobile Device campaigns within the account
  • Using sophisticated campaign tracking and analytic s with conversion attribution
  • Effectively using negative keywords to eradicate irrelevant traffic and improve click through rates (CTR) and quality score
  • Deep linking keywords to relevant content, services or products within the site as opposed to delivering traffic to the home page (front door)
  • Building dedicated landing pages or campaign sites specifically designed to convert PPC traffic

As a business, if you do not have the skills, experience, time or resource to do all of the above; running a PPC campaign in-house is a risky strategy and will inevitably turn out to be a false economy.

In our experience every single penny saved by not using a PPC specialist will be absorbed 10 times over by the extra cost associated with running a non-efficient campaign and the potential lost revenue from lack of competitiveness on the search landscape.

Prior to transition of an account the Rob Glennie Consulting team will work closely with you to fully understand business objectives and set KPI’s and deliver an in depth short, mid and long term campaign strategy.

The Rob Glennie Consulting ethos is to create the most effective client/agency partnership to deliver on your business objectives. Our dedicated account management teams are focused on providing you with transparent reports as well as regular communication so you know what is happening at all times.

All of our clients benefit from:

  • A dramatic increase in brand exposure and revenue from a PPC campaign using the most sophisticated campaign management methodologies in the Industry
  • Return on Investment (ROI) with fee structures that are based on performance
  • The knowledge and experience of a team dedicated to Paid Search & Digital Acquisition
  • The option to integrate your wider digital marketing needs (SEO, Display, Creative, Analytics & Social)
  • An agency who are at the forefront of latest innovations and developments within the world of Search

Do not let your competitors gain momentum on the search networks; why not explore how a Rob Glennie Consulting PPC campaign can substantially increase your exposure and revenue potential online?

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