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Website Development

Frequently, our new clients need help enhancing their current website or building a completely new website from scratch.

Why? Because there is no sense spending good money sending high quality traffic to a website that has little chance of converting them!

If your site needs work or you don’t currently have a presence on the web, our expert web designers and developers can help.

Pretty websites are great…

But what use is a gorgeous website if your users can’t find it in the search results, instantly identify what they can do there, and be convinced why they should do it with you. Not to mention offer high quality landing pages for our PPC efforts!

No matter what type of website you need, Rob Glennie Consulting has the experience and talent to meet your needs. . Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation who needs micro sites in multiple languages, our team will exceed your expectations.

What Makes Us Different?

We build websites with search engines and SEM landing page/conversion in mind – You will save $1,000’s by not having to go back later to make the website SEO friendly and searchable. Our designs focus on website usability and conversions – Our Best Practices in website conversion will increase sales and leads by providing a clear call to action while removing friction points in the conversion process. Our sites are all built with mobile devices in mind.

Does this mean you'll be "number one" on Google (organic search) for all the keyword phrases you ever wanted? Of course not!. However we'll do the basic fundamental Search Optimization that any "good" web design/development company should do but rarely actually does! We believe that in many cases once you are beyond the fundamentals…. companies are better off spending their time, money and efforts on a highly focused and highly tuned Pay Per Click campaign rather than relying on relentless SEO efforts! Especially when the rules of SEO keep changing as has been proven with Google's Panda update(s)!

Our Process

We build websites using the latest technology that is driving 1/5th of the world's websites, WordPress. This content management system separates your site into distinct areas – content, creative, and functionality. These areas can be added and improved without changing the others allowing concurrent development or wholescale changes without losing any of your hard built Google rankings or "link juice". WordPress itself is built by a community of thousands of developers, as are the components providing enhanced functionality, which unlike traditional sites are handcrafted by only a few coders and designers.

The sites we provide for our clients have the latest security software installed, run redundant back up services, and have anti-virus software installed (all kept up to date by teams of developers). We can host your site or we can develop in your current hosting environment. We select the level of internet hosting you require to match expected traffic levels so you don't have to pay for more than you require.

We are active members of the WordPress community and have committed to its further development by meeting with and participating in local WordPRess groups, supporting, and presenting our knowledge to the community.



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