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If you could buy a Magazine or Newspaper Ad and knew EXACTLY how many people saw it. A Billboard or TV Commercial and knew how many people “ACTED” on it ! You could actually determine your actual Return On Investment ! (ROI) With Traditional Media you are charged for the best estimate of how many people are likely to access an ad and may or may not see it. Never mind Read it OR Act on it !

It is all based on numbers-from Subscriptions and Circulations, to ‘best guess’ extrapolations from Surveys and other forms of Monitoring (like Neilsen and BBM). NONE OF THESE can give you actual “Tracked” Results That is where the Search Engine Marketing comes in…

Why Spend MORE Money Looking for Customers, When You Can Spend LESS Money Getting Customers to Look for You !?RobGlennieConsulting_Winnipeg_Pay_Per_Click_ManThinking

Many companies offer Pay-per-Click or SEO without considering Your Bottom Line, or even why you WANT to advertise on Search Engines. Even more importantly – very few web designers today actually design sites that are conducive to Search Engine Optimization – We help with that!

Our g
Winnipeg_Pay_Per_Click_ManWithAppleOnDeskoal is to take a very small part of your Ad Budget (say, half your Yellow Page Expenditure, or One Full Page Newspaper Ad) and turn it into a high generating Pay-per-Click Campaign. Not only will this begin to work for you almost immediately, but the me “important” we make your site to the Search Engines, the more the Search Engines will “promote” your ad and the less you will pay for each click, and so on… So very quickly this will become your highest return for any of your Ad expenditures!

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