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for National and International Clients – as well as for companies here locally in the Winnipeg market.   So, Who are We? We are passionate about what we do. Thinkers and Do-ers that merge Creative with Technology. We are different from the usual search engine marketing agencies. For one thing… we are NOT an Agency – We DO NOT mark up what you spend with the Search Engines! So, there is no impetus for us to (over-spend) ‘blow’ your budget. We concentrate on managing Pay Per Click Campaigns and budgets exceptionally well. We use intelligent analysis of your Campaigns to enhance the performance of your Website. The whole ‘reason’ you have a website in the first place! It is that simple. We really love how Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ‘works’.                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional media – TV, Radio and Outdoor, etc. But the problem has always been when a Client would ask me, ‘Rob, how did our Billboards do?’ I really didn’t have an answer for them. Sure they worked, but it was difficult to substantiate with any numbers or data. With online technology and something like Adwords, I love the fact that we can actually track and monitor the results as they happen and I have an answer for the Client!”, says Rob Glennie with a big smile. driven by the passion of our staff. We’re Ad Guys and Marketing Geeks and we’re kind of proud of that. We are passionate about the fact that we can utilize all the tools we have at hand and maximize our Client’s success and more importantly ROI. We begin with Strategy, Creative, and good old Advertising and Marketing savvy – then back it up with technology and analysis. We’ve been doing this since 2004.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  We like to say that David Wass, our Web Traffic Controller has been doing Online Marketing “before there was Online”! We’ve implemented and managed real Pay-Per-Click Campaigns for a long time now and for companies of all sizes. Starting with the Travel industry, our Clients have included B2B and B2C sectors, manufacturing, consumer goods, insurance services, security firms, healthcare, recruitment and software. The size of company is not important to us because we feel that the proper ‘partnership’ with any Client will make for great success stories on our behalf. In recent years we have been dealing with more and more NGO’s, Not for Profit and Charitable Organizations. It has been said that the internet is ‘The Great Equalizer’ for small companies and we have experienced this first hand. We work closely with other Internet-based and like-minded Companies to ensure we deliver our Clients the best possible succcess and value for their money. Honest feedback and true Partnership We don’t over-promise. Before we start we make our best and honest assessment of where you stand and how we believe we can help. You are required to do some of the work, too. This way we both have ownership in the results. Very Cool Technology We use the technology available to us – as well as some proprietary tools – in order to create the most cost-effective Search Campaigns possible. We can reduce Advertising costs and help maximize Sales in very technical and very cool ways. This really is an incredible time to go marketing! The technology is one thing – and we are happy to give you as much of the details as possible so you can ‘really’ appreciate how effective this can be – BUT, it’s all about how we manage your campaign. How we care about and understand your product. And we constantly challenge ourselves – How do we find the right audience? How will we achieve ‘your ‘ goals? Feel you need to know more? Please feel free to Contact Us and we can sit down over a Coffee (or, over the net) if need be. We love passing on how truly exciting this stuff can be!

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