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Pay Per Click Campaign Audit

Why get a pay per click campaign audit?

  • For business owners, Google Adwords can be a love/hate affair; many entrepreneurs try to take advantage of in-house Adwords campaigns which often result little or no return.
  • If you feel like you’ve been sinking money into what’s boasted as one of the best marketing tools out there and yet you’re still waiting to see it work for you, then perhaps you need a helping hand?
  • Maybe you just don’t have the time or expertise to figure it all out to see the proven marketing magic Google Adwords can do for you when it’s done the RIGHT WAY.

Why ask us versus an audit from Google staff?

  • Because our goal is to increase your ROI. Google’s goal is for you to spend more money on advertising. Granted they perhaps are not working against you but do they really have your best interests first?

What will we do?

As part of this free audit you will receive an in-depth, 10 page report from accredited Google experts that will identify improvements in:

Campaign Structure

  • Splitting your ad groups into a range of campaigns to maximise effectiveness.

Keywords and Marketing

  • Identifying missing keywords and whether the range of matches Google allows such as broad, exact and plus broad phrases is being taken advantage of.

Ad Copy

  • Examining advert copy and advise where this can be improved using site links, split testing and a range of best practice techniques.


  • Determining whether you have sufficient budget for each campaign in place


  • Traffic is useless without conversion. Push will give you clear guidelines for how you can improve conversion.

And more…

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