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Inbound – The NEW Traditional Marketing & Advertising

For many businesses, traditional marketing and lead generation strategies – cold calling, direct mail, tradeshows, radio, TV, etc. – aren’t producing the results they once did. The reason why?

There are three:

  1. The fracturing of the media market
  2. Improved filters (Netflix, TiVo, DVR, SPAM filters, etc.)
  3. A library at your fingertips (aka the Internet)

The marketing environment today is fundamentally different than what it was just 5-10 years ago. It’s adapt or die and many businesses are struggling to evolve. On the other hand, thousands of savvy, analytically driven businesses are experiencing incredible success and phenomenal growth. The companies succeeding understand that in order to thrive in this new marketing world, they need to replace their traditional “outbound” marketing with “inbound” marketing strategies such as content marketing, pay per click (PPC), SEO, and social media. Many that have gone “all in” with inbound marketing are experiencing incredibly success as a result.

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